Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Mad Genius or Freaking Idiot. . .you decide

I'm a bit unconventional. I know, I know. . shocking statement :-) As you know, Greg is heading to Uganda next Tuesday. So. . .what do I decide to do?

Well, of course a 18 day road trip with my 3 pre-schoolers!!!

Turns out we needed to be in Dallas for an RLC Leadership Weekend right before Greg left and we didn't really want to add any more days to his time away from the kiddos. So, I offered to drive the kids to Dallas and just bring them along. And come on. . if Greg is leaving from TX and won't be home for 12 days. . I might as well just take my time getting home. And, if I'm so close to Colorado Springs, which I fell in love with a few weeks ago. . I might as well just add that in too!

So. . .today was Day 1. I left Orlando in time for the iFast58 prayer conference call and made my way to a blogger buddies home in N. Florida! Another blogger buddy, Anne (who also went to UG with me in October) came over for a real slumber party! We've had a great evening. . though right now I am sitting in a dark room waiting for Gracie to go to sleep. . thinking the sleep thing might be my hardest issue to deal with on this trip!

Day 1---- Mad Genius.

To come:
Day 2- drive to Jackson, MS to visit a long time friend (4 hour drive)
Day 3 - Drive to Dallas TX for RLC Leadership weekend (Greg will be there to help!)--6 hour drive
Day 4-5 - Stay in Dallas
Day 6- Drive to Colorado Springs - 12 hour drive
Day 7-11 Stay in Colorado and hang out w/HopeChest Staff and Families
Day 12- drive to Arkansas to see some of our favorite people (who just happened to have a baby last night!) - 12 hour drive
Day 13-15- hang in AR with the Pipers
Day 16- Drive to Atlanta - 10 hour drive
Day 17- Atlanta
Day 18-Drive home - 8 hour drive

We'll judge each day whether or not I am a Freaking Idiot or a Mad Genius. . .still to be seen which one it is. Other days I'll try to have pictures or video as well :-)


Kathleen said...

It sounds like you need lots of goldfish crackers and movies for the car!!!! I think it is a fabulous idea but I for one love road trips and travel so maybe that it why it sounds fun to me. You have peeked my interest about Colorado Springs. My husband and I were looking at that area on the internet the other day and it looked beautiful. I hope you share some photos showing what you see while you are there. Have a wonderful and safe trip!! Road trips are fun!!!

Beautiful Mess said...

God bless your trip!

Making memories!!!

Lindsey said...

I think that you are AWESOME and hope that you add a stop in OKC to your trip! Love ya,


Dearest Jessica said...

Have fun and kiss those little Piper's for me.

Love ya...don't forget to come home!

ps...I am not sure Bray is still a "pre-scooler"

Cindy said...

Well, since I don't have children, I'd of course say you're a Mad Genius. My friends who have children might go for the freaking idiot :)

Anyway, you might as well add a stop in to Phoenix! It'll only be about 8 hours further...I can't promise good weather (it's freaking hot here!), but would love to meet and visit with you!