Sunday, September 6, 2009

Trip Update!

Sorry no blogs from my journey again yet!

Day 2 - I drove to Jackson, MS to visit my sweet friend Amy. The kids and I made the 6 hour drive like pros. They are doing GREAT in the car! We had a blast playing with Amy, David and their sweet baby Robby. Day 2 = Mad Genius

Day 3- woke up super early to head to Dallas. It was a 7 hour+ drive. The kids had a little harder of a time staying happy, but overall did great. We arrived in Dallas just in time to pick Greg up at the airport. We then headed to our new friend's Holly and Jamie's home (they are co-founders of RLC but we hadn't met them before now!) We went to unload our car. . have I told you HOW MUCH stuff was in that van? Seriously! I had the luggage for me and the kids as well as Greg's Uganda luggage AND stuff for Sam, Jamie and Vince to take to Uganda! It was crazy full. Well. . . .when we went to unpack we realized that the trunk no longer worked. So, Greg got on the phone with Alamo while I climbed into the van, took the seats down and unloaded these crazy heavy suitcases from the inside of the van onto the curb. I then got BACK into the van to drive it to the airport to change it out for a new rental van. Nice. All in all, it meant I was not sitting down at my destination for 12 solid hours! lovely! Thankfully, we headed straight out (a sitter stayed with the kids) to a great dinner with the RLC crew! What fun to see these people in person and not just read their blogs, interact on twitter and talk via conference calls!

Today was an amazing day spent with the RLC Crew. . I have tons of pictures. They are all uploaded to FaceBook, so if we are friends there.. head on over. It may take me a couple of days to upload them here!

Tomorrow is church as a group then off to a local town for a fleamarket of sorts. Tomorrow night is our hash it all out work night. . you know. . solving all the world's problems! hehe

Monday morning I leave at 5 am for a 13 hour drive to Colorado Springs! You can start praying for that NOW! Pray that the kids do great and we make great time! Thankfully, once we get there we are staying a week!!!

More later. . .thanks for caring!


Beautiful Mess said...

Praying for the MAD GENIUS!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for updating... I check every day to see where you are and how my kiddos are doing.
Love, Mom Mac

Erin Moore said...

LOVED meeting you in person!! Had such a blast this weekend! I miss you guys already!!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you have had so much fun! Hope your trip went well today! I loved all of the pictures! Love, Christie