Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Choose to See- iFast58 Requests

--my iFast58 email for those who aren't on the email list but would like to participate or even just pick a request to pray for---

I received the HopeChest email earlier today. In this email, Vince writes about a little boy who broke his heart today. Why? Because for some reason, God chose to place HIS heart for little Dima in Vince today and Vince chose to respond. . to SEE Dima today.

That is my challenge to each of us today. Will we choose to open our eyes and SEE? When you are praying for these needs, pull up a picture and look into their eyes (maybe the organization's website or trip pictures if you have travelled there). Don't just pray for the masses, choose to see them. To thoughtfully and prayerfully SEE the individuals (or picture them).

Warning. . this may hurt. As most of you have experienced before, feeling the ache that comes with loving people in poverty hurts. However, I ask you today to ask the Lord for another slice of His heart. To have yours be broken again by the things that break HIS. Even if you have seen it and done it in the past. . .ask again to feel it today as you pray for these requests. I promise you, this will make our prayers more fervent and our intimacy that much deeper.

Personal-- Pray for Lisa.
She is prayerfully considering taking back a child who was once her foster child. This little one, D, finds herself in need of a home once again. Lisa is a single mom who already has 3 adopted children. She desperately wants HIS guidance on what the Lord would have her do. Does she want D back b/c of the need or because it's HIM moving her. Pray for Lisa to hear clearly from the Lord. Pray also for D who finds herself in need of a new home. . again and all her heart has been through.

Orphan Relief and Rescue - Liberia
Our vision for the next year is to push beyond the city and fulfill the mission God has given us to reach the orphans that no one else will help. To do this, we're praying hard for reliable 4x4 vehicles so that our growing team (now 8) can get to the children in the bush and minister to their needs with food, construction, wells, education, etc. Please join us in prayer for this "nuts and bolts" item that maybe isn't glamorous, but makes all our programs possible.

1.. Please continue to pray for favor with God and man, as H.E.L.P. pursue's key partnerships. 2. We really need to locate some key volunteers who can help us with admin, marketing and trips. 3. Pray for favor, tomorrow we will find out if we are approved for some office space in downtown Raleigh. The board of this office building is meeting tomorrow at 10:30AM (Eastern) 4. Pray for wisdom for H.E.L.P. leadership team!

Remember the Poor:
We are continuing to research well-drilling options. We are close to making a decision, and continue to ask the Lord to direct us in this endeavor. Our ongoing prayer is that the Lord would pour out his Spirit on this land, open blind eyes, soften hearts, bring us to repentance and move us to give until "there are no more needy among us."

Lemonade International
1. For children in La Limonada who have suffered from physical and
sexual abuse - that God would heal their hearts and give them
unexplainable peace
2. For the short-term team of 11 from Lifepointe Church in Raleigh who
will be in La Limonada next week
3. For additonal church partnerships and for existing partnerships to
be strengthened
4. For the students at NC State and UNC-Chapel Hill who have committed
to raise awareness and support for our work...that God would bless and
multiply their efforts.

- Pray for God to continue to provide funds for families and all that we need to serve families and churches. God is moving in the hearts of His people and we see the needs increasing. Pray that we will have wisdom with meeting these needs. Pray for the many churches starting adoption/orphancare ministries and doing things for Orphan Sunday, Nov 8th.

HopeChest -email from Vince Giordano to our iFasters
As I contemplated the iFast58 request today, my heart was broken. The profile of a young boy named Dima caught my attention. I am not sure why it caught my attention it has been sitting on a credenza in my office for weeks. But today, I began to think about him – how he is a little younger than my son Luke. I thought of how Luke sometimes needs his mom just to hold him or he will just come snuggle with us – Dima does not have that – he is alone. It is easy to dismiss Dima because we don’t know him – he is on the other side of the planet – out of sight and out of mind.
I want you to meet Dima:The is no current information on his parents.
Dima, probably much like your son, likes playing with toys and taking walks.His personality if friendly, good natured and nice – just like my Luke.
He is in pre-school and just entered the orphanage in May 2009.

In Russia , when a child is orphaned, they are stigmatized for life. Their options for education, work and a future are very limited. Their suicide rates are high as is their propensity to abuse drugs. Organizationally we have needs but I would prefer that you pray for Dima today. Please pray that he does not feel lonely when he goes to bed at night. Please pray that when he is scared someone will be there to tell him it is ok. Please pray that someone will encourage him and tell him he is special. Please pray that despite his circumstances that he will feel loved and not worthless. Please pray that he would feel the presence of a loving God who wants to him to know that he created him for a purpose.Thanks!

Join us first thing tomorrow morning (or today if you are on the east coast) at 9:30 am for our prayer time. Call in 605-990-0111

Password: 433537#

Thank you once again for doing this with us. You guys are a joy to me and to others around the world.


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