Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pray for Dima

I just got this email from Vince, at HopeChest. It's supposed to be their iFast58 request for tomorrow. . .but I couldn't wait a whole day to ask you to pray. Will you join me?

As I contemplated the iFast58 request today, my heart was broken. The profile of a young boy named Dima caught my attention. I am not sure why it caught my attention as it has been sitting on a credenza in my office for weeks. But today, I began to think about him – how he is a little younger than my son Luke. I thought of how Luke sometimes needs his mom just to hold him or he will just come snuggle with us – Dima does not have that – he is alone. It is easy to dismiss Dima because we don’t know him – he is on the other side of the planet – out of sight and out of mind.
I want you to meet Dima:The is no current information on his parents.Dima, probably much like your son, likes playing with toys and taking walks.His personality is friendly, good natured and nice – just like my Luke.He is in pre-school and just entered the orphanage in May 2009.
In Russia , when a child is orphaned, they are stigmatized for life. Their options for education, work and a future are very limited. Their suicide rates are high as is their propensity to abuse drugs.

Organizationally we have needs but I would prefer that you pray for Dima today. Please pray that he does not feel lonely when he goes to bed at night. Please pray that when he is scared someone will be there to tell him it is ok. Please pray that someone will encourage him and tell him he is special. Please pray that despite his circumstances that he will feel loved and not worthless. Please pray that he would feel the presence of a loving God who wants him to know that he created him for a purpose.
Vince Giordano


inthemystic said...

Thank you for giving Dima a voice. It is easy for us to lose site of the individual stories and lives, but I know that we worship a big God who knows every dream and hope that Dima has and loves him with a consuming love. I will pray for him.

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Anonymous said...

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