Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What kind of God do we serve? iFast58

Our iFast58 email from this week. . thanks to those who are joining us each week in prayer. It's a pleasure to serve and pray alongside each one of you.

I've been reading through the book of Matthew this week. 2 things have stuck out to me in a new and fresh way. . .1. we serve a Jesus of miracles. Miracles! Yet, I am so much like the disciples who seemed to forget so quickly. When problems loom and issues come up, I forget the kind of God that I serve. HE CAN DO ANYTHING!!! The 2nd thing that has stuck out to me is His invitation for me to ASK. Not only can He DO miracles, but He invites me to ask for them.

So this week. . both in your personal lives and in the ministries that we are praying for. . let's ask for miracles. Let's be bold and ask Him to move mountains....then, let's sit back and watch our Miracle Working Jesus move mountains. Let's ask Him to expand our faith this Wednesday. I don't know about you. . .but I don't want to be a disciple who sees the hungry crowd and says. 'oh but Lord. . .what will we do?" but who looks to HIM to feed the masses and asks How we can be involved!

We only have 3 organizations who have sent in requests, so please pray as you feel led for HopeMongers (site is back up after a few days down!), Abba Fund, Orphan Relief and Rescue, Louisville Orphan Care Initiative, Amazima, Remember the Poor and Lemonade Int'l (though we know they are in Guat. so pray for their trip!)

Global Orphan Outreach
We are talking with some other big organizations about partnering with us to work with special needs kids in Liberia. Our prayer is that they see the value in working together. It takes time for this to evolve as relationships are built between organizations a

1. Pray for wisdom and provision. (not generic, we really need it.)
2. Pray that we sponsor 100 kids in Zimbabwe, we launch www.helponenow.com next week.
3. Pray for workers, we need some major volunteer help.

1. Swazi vision trip
2. Upcoming Ethiopia vision trip
3. Mangewaneni Carepoint (GuGu's) - profiling would be completed and that sponsors would step up
4. Launches for Ugandan sponsorships would stay on track
5. For our in-country staff
6. For this weekend in Oklahoma City. Amy B, Lindsey A (fellow iFasters) and Betsy C will each be throwing fundraising parties. Pray for GOD to bring the people. Each of them are nervous about who will show up....but we know that it is GOD who makes things happen. Pray for people to show up, pray for provision for HIS little ones in Uganda and pray for people to be moved to action on behalf of them! These events will take place Thursday night, Friday night, Sat morning and Sat night. Please pray!

Join us first thing tomorrow morning (or today if you are on the east coast) at 9:30 am for our prayer time. Call in 605-990-0111

Password: 433537#

We'd love to pray together with you!


Beautiful Mess said...

I am loving ifast58! Thank you!

Those reading--if you haven't started-join us!

Just taking time to pray for others and organizations--infects all your other days--infectiously positive!

Vanessa said...
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Vanessa said...

Hey Brandi, my husband and I joined ifast58 today (we love Tom and CHC!), but am still trying to figure the site out! Hopefully will figure everything out by next wed:)From what I gathered we fast and pray on weds, and will get an email the night before for specific prayer requests?

Sarah and Davis said...

Hey, Brandi! I resent you an email that I'm not sure if you got last week about the advocacy stuff we discussed.

Let's chat!

I'd also love to work on Zimbabwe if Mangewaneni is covered now.

Love, Sarah