Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Miracle Working God - iFast58 for this week

I have asked my friend, Vince Giordano from HopeChest to write this week's iFast58 email. He got to see God answer a sweet prayer today and I wanted him to share it since YOU guys were involved!!!

"Today we received awesome news. We received news that confirms that He places the lonely in families. As much as we care about the least of these, He cares even more. Dima is adoptable!! What an answer to prayer that all started with an iFast request. Just a few Wednesdays ago we prayed for sweet little Dima - a special needs child in Elatma orphanage in Russia. I was also praying simultaneously for God to make him available to become a part of our family. The first and biggest hurdle has been cleared! I am grateful to all of you who prayed for Dima and I am thankful to God for answering those prayers. He is such a sweet and loving God. In all of His power and majesty He lovingly cares for the helpless and hopeless. AND He chooses to use us in the process - how fantastic is that?
As my dear friend Brandi has taught me, God cares deeply about our hearts...He is committed to changing, molding and healing them in the gentle way only He can do. Whatever you are trusting Him for today, I encourage you to do it with your WHOLE heart. He is good and gracious and tender-loving God...no good thing will He withold from them that walk uprightly. I am overwhelmed by the love of our God tonight and I pray you would feel His love today and that you would make a choice to make that love known to someone in a tangible way. Blessings, Vince Giordano

Does that thrill your heart? It does mine! And it makes me excited for all the other miracles we can pray for this week!!!

Orphan Relief and Rescue - Liberia
Praise point first: the Lord provided a new generator for the team house; thank you to all who prayed for that necessary item. We're one step closer to getting back up to full speed!
Please continue to pray for the weekend of Nov. 6 & 7: there is our annual board meeting, a dinner and swing dance in Seattle, and a dinner/auction in Atlanta. All together, we hope that this weekend will establish a strong foundation for the year. Please pray with us that we will be equipped and encouraged for the year ahead!

HELP - Help End Local Poverty
1. I just heard that a local Raleigh church (Treasuring Christ Church) is speaking about orphans this Sunday and they are going to ask their congregation to support our orphans viawww.helponenow.com! This is a great opportunity to kick start this initiative.
2. This Thursday, I'm meeting with large church in Atlanta. They recently made the top 100 fastest growing church list. (these lists drive me nuts) They want to know more about us, possibly take a trip, build an orphanage and sponsor some kids and plant some churches. Possible huge partnership.
3. This Friday I'm meeting with some key decison-makers for a large Christian Conference Organization. Long story short, HELP may become a parter with themt and they will help us build a platform via their blogs, conferences, podcast etc! They love our Rescue, Restore and Renew philosophy. The good news is, they requested the meeting.
So, lot's of great opportunities for HELP! Please pray for the following:
1. Favor.
2. All of our kids in Zim (55 right now, we got more on the way) get sponsored in the next few weeks.
3. A place to stay in Atlanta. If I have to, I'll sleep in my car, HELP really can't afford hotels at this point. My contact fell through, so I'm hoping to find a place to crash while in Atlanta this Wed and Thurs.

Remember the Poor:
I (Cindy) feel sort of funny asking for prayer for myself, but a friend encouraged me to solicit prayer. So, this seems a good place to do it :). Two years ago, completely out of the blue, I was struck by a strange illness/malady, mostly unexplainable by the medical community. For the past two years, it has hindered me from participating in much of life and ministry. This past week it was exascerbated, seemingly by additional activity, and it appears to be another setback. I would love your prayers!

Lemonade International
They come directly from Tita Evertsz, our director in Guatemala. She and her team are focusing on prayer this week in La Limonada... and will be taking time each day to walk through the community to pray for the people. This will be the focus of their prayers:
  • for justice (against injustice)
  • for freedom (against Satan's captivity)
  • for unity (against division)
  • for the ones that use drugs, that they stop feeling pleasure in that and even that they may not feel the high
  • for peace in the community
  • that we may have God's grace and favor in La Limonada
  • that hunger would be provoked in their souls from God and from us
  • that God open their eyes and that they may see God working in the community
Thanks to the ifast58 crew for joining Tita and the team in Guatemala in prayer!

1. In-country staff 2. The return of the Swazi vision team 3. The Ethiopia vision trip in November 4. Ngariam, Bukedea and Shalom Sponsorship launches and for the churches and communities that are praying, planning and brainstorming for these launch weekends! 5. For the successful launch of the new website 6. For the successful funding of the Russian grad programs 7. For our amazing team of volunteers and our US staff 8. That we always remember we exist for the benefit of the children first and for His glory

As always, we'd LOVE to have you join us for our conference call time of prayer! Call in at 9:30 tomorrow morning (eastern time) to Number: 605-990-0111

Password: 433537#

See you there....love you guys and praying for you as you fast and pray for the poor, hungry and oppressed throughout the world and for those that serve them!

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