Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Find My Family

Did any of you guys see "Find my Family" on abc last night?

It's a new reality type show (think extreme home makeover) where they find people's birth families. Almost all of the people who work on the show are adopted themselves.

People write in and want to find either their birth parents or their child they gave up.

It's very sweet really. They get reunited and everyone cries. oh yes, you will cry :-)

Ok...here's where it was hard for me though... It's hard because as an adoptive mom I ache for the aches and the questions Davis will have. That's just part of adoption.

Watching this though, it made me ache because Davis will have all of those questions...but with none of those answers.

I know the truth...that the Lord will meet him there. That we will explain well and hear his heart and walk him through it.

But I still ache. I ache for the unanswered questions. I ache to think of Rita's pain (his birth mom). I ache when they reunite on the show and have other siblings. I just ache. I guess that's just part of being a mom.

What were your thoughts? Did you see it?


Anonymous said...

I didn't see the show but when I saw it advertised I thought it seemed somewhat exploitive. This is just such a personal decision and it's possible that some people on either side may not want to be found. Anyway, I know you and I know that you will be with Davis in whatever confusion or pain he may experience when he has questions about his birth parents. You and Greg are wonderful, honest, open people that listen intently to the Lord's voice in your lives, and your son will know and trust that as he grows up and has questions for you. You are such a blessing to so many and will continue to be years from now as you share your walk with your son. Love you!

Vanessa said...

I saw the show, and I was a bit unsure about it from the previews, but I thought that each side (birth & adoptive) were respectful and respected. I think ABC did a pretty good job of showing such a positive example of how in some adoptions families can come together, in love. Of course unfortunately this is not the case for all adoptions (abuse parents, etc)

As far as your concerns, I was thinking the same thing about when we adopt...all we can do is be there for them with their questions and leave the rest to God to heal their little hearts.

Beautiful Mess said...

Did not see the show but the commercial made my heart hurt...

For all involved... but to God be the glory!

Praying you not get lost in the questions but swept up in God's love. It is a beautiful love story to be a part of... amen?

Jackie Sue said...

Honestly, I banned the show from our home. Davie is too young to try to engage emotionally with all that this show would bring to her little life and of course Ellie is way to young. It makes me sad for them...bc I have NO answers. I know that my girls will have questions and I am praying that when the time comes we will make peace with their past with God's help together...

Hope's Fundraiser said...

I have not watched the show yet. I plan to though. I know some adoptive communties are not happy with the show.

Every adoption is different and every birth family is different. My youngest has a very open adoption. In fact her birthmother spent a week here and was here for Thanksgiving. My oldest has no contact with ther birthmother.

I know has time goes on there will be more questions and we may need to find my oldest birthmother. I am not excited about this because she did not make some wise choices the last month of her pregancy, but I know if this is what my daughter needs to do I will do it for her.