Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween for my Kiddos

We are in Colorado Springs again.....and have super cute pictures from our time here already....but my kids are cuter! So, I'll save my pics for another day and give you a reposting of Brittani's blog with my cute kiddos in it!

Halloween... a Night to Serve!

I still have tons of vacation pics left, but I am diverting your attention towards Halloween for a brief post :) We had such a fun time last night serving our neighbors and getting to know them better. For those of you who don't know, we use Halloween as a night to minister and show kindness to our neighbors... after all, it's the only night of the year when THEY come to YOU to be shown kindness. (our neighborhood gets just over 150 trick or treaters!) Great opportunity to show LOVE & share God's Word! We give out full size candy bars (with scripture taped on the back... this year's verse was, "Do not let your heart be troubled, Trust in God.".) We also hand out other candies, bottled water, chocolate milks, and even rubber ducks (for the baby trick or treaters). This year we had a few different people walk up to our house and say things like, "We remember you guys from last year. You are our favorite house!", & "Our kids are going on and on about how awesome your house is... you guys did a great job!" It was fun to hear that people were truly feeling blessed. I love that! Last year we had our family join us and this year we had about 30 people that came to participate! Soon enough we may be able to throw an entire Fall Festival over here :) Anyway, I just can't say enough how much I love this night of ministry. Thank you, God, for letting me participate in this event every year... and thank you, mom and dad, for joining us and Bumpin' it Up a Notch from previous years :) So fun!

I know y'all want to see the pics of the kids in their costumes, so here they are...

My Kiddos

Bradley was "Snake Eyes" from GI Joe

Davis was "Storm Shadow" from GI Joe

Brayden was "Duke" from GI Joe

Anna was a "Flapper"

and so was Gracie :)

And Now, Some Group Shots...

The Taylors joined us this year... Yeah!

Graham was "Luke Skywalker"

the Taylor girls were "Barbie Castle Princesses"

and even Marty got into
the spirit as "Billy Mays"

Time for Apple Bobbing...

Bradley went first to
(in his words) "show them how it's done"

Now Brayden's Turn...

Here goes Davis...

He couldn't believe we were telling
him to dunk his whole head in :)

Gracie had a different approach...
(just grab it with your hands)

Now little miss Anna...

The kids chanted,"Nancy Nancy Nancy!"
until she agreed to give it a GO...

what a good sport!

She was Successful!
btw: she was dressed as the rabbit
from Alice in Wonderland :)

That raps up another year of Halloween ministry. I am always kind of sad when it's over... I just love greeting all of our neighbors and seeing all of the kids dressed in costumes :) What a fun Night!


Beautiful Mess said...

We went Missional this year for Halloween too! It was great! I was excited to see a like-minded post!

The kids look great!!

Amber said...

I love the costumes and all the cuteness, and especially the ministry! That sounds so wonderful. I might have to replicate in our neighborhood next year. We give out cookies to our neighbors while trick or treating at their door, but that is a great idea too! Thanks!

Helping Africa said...

A touching story of a Ugandan boy who lost his home in a storm

Wendi said...

such cuties! my daughter tries 'bobbing for apples' everytime I'm washing fruit in the sink :) such a mess...