Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Incline

Two weekends ago, Greg and I headed to Colorado Springs for the weekend. What FUN!!! They had a snow storm for three days straight, so we came in to snow everywhere but 50 and 60 degree weather! It was PERFECT!!! We stayed with our friends, Vince and Sara, and had a blast of a weekend together. One of the things we did on Sunday was to climb "the incline". According to Vince, it is a 1 mile hike up the mountain that takes you up in elevation 2,000 feet. We started at over 6,000 ft above sea level so it was quite thin up there! It's a fairly good hike and climb already, so adding the fact that you can't breathe hardly at all made it a great workout! It was SO fun! There were even places that were covered in snow and ice, making it tricky to find your footing. I'm a tad scared of heights so it was a thriller for me.

But check out this view.....soooooooooo worth it!!!! The trail down the mountain was even more gorgeous, but I didn't have the camera at that point.
Yep, that's it! Crazy, huh?!
We all went at our own pace and Vince and I made it to the top 49 minutes. I hear that's fairly good...for a first timer who can't breathe! And oh yeah, we had done an 8 mile run the day before! Isn't the view gorgeous?????
Sara and Greg were close behind...they finished in 1 hour and 2 minutes! Vince and I stood at the top cheering them on....
And taking our own self-portraits...just for fun

Don't Sara and Greg look happy? hehe. They were cracking us up. They are so much alike that Sara kept asking if we could check their geneology. We are wondering if they are secret twins. Both of them wanted to just curse at us for cheering them on....both saying "don't touch me" as soon as they got to the top! oh that made me laugh! Sara will surely help me understand my husband more! Don't worry...they were in better moods quickly too :-)

Thanks Vince and Sara for a fun time!!! Thanks Sara and Greg for agreeing to do the incline even though neither of you wanted to! What a great time with amazing views that just made me want to stop and praise.

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