Sunday, November 15, 2009

Our Halloween

Well, I told you a while ago about the kids halloween, but never about ours! We were in Colorado Springs for Halloween. I called Vince and Sara the week before to ask them if we were doing anything special or if we'd just be hanging with their kids (who are AWESOME, by the way :-) They said that we had a halloween party to go to, so we'd better get our own costumes as well.

Can I break in here for a moment to complain about halloween costumes? Seriously. For a woman, your choices are paper bag or lingerie! It's like, "be a Fridge" or "be a naughty nurse" what the crap??? Why can't I be a non-slutty version of an occupation??? Even Target's costumes were slutty!!! I was so ticked. Finally, my sister found me this cute bunny set that I could use my own clothes with...I was pleased. Sara found the same idea with a cat. We ended up looking cute. Our husbands on the other hand....well....
The fairy and the tourist. Hey, maybe Vince is Greg's fairy godmother and they are at Disney?
Cute cat practicing her skills :-)
Self portraits in the van on the way to the party
Sara and Hannah (their oldest)
Oh yeah...and did I mention that this the tutu that I MADE!!!! Yes, in fact Vince and Bob will both be running in these beautiful tutus this weekend to raise money for HopeChest! I'm a fabulous tutu maker, aren't I?! hehe. So glad it could be used for Vince's costume as well. Sara provided the wand and fairy wings. Good job finishing it out, Sara! :-)
Vince with precious Abby. (their middle)
Me and my tourist...oh my. He was regretting wearing shorts in COS by the end of the night!
The fairy and the kitty.

It was a blast and we loved hanging out with Steven and Moira and their entire group of friends too. Their party was a blast and they welcomed us right in!

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