Friday, December 25, 2009

Festivus and Christmas with Friends

Festivus is always a blast!!!! We didn't all dress up this year...mainly b/c we just didn't have our act together! If you are new to my Festivus in my blog and read all about it :-)

Greg and Allie

Greg and Bradley
The dresser-uppers :-) Shannon and the kids as well as Brittani's family. I just wish I had a picture of Mat...he

We also did Christmas this week with Jess, Nate and the kiddos. They are so precious to us. Seriously, almost everytime I hug Abbie I begin to cry.

More Christmas pictures coming.....


Jude said...

we just caught that episode a couple weeks ago... :)

Mom Of Many said...

I am thankful that you put it on Ifast58...I have tried multiple times to open their site, but am unable....either way -thank you for spreading the word.

I see you have a heart for Africa too!!

Thank you on behalf of James and Cheremi....

You are a blessing!
Linny xo