Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Weakness Vs. Strength (iFast58)

Hi iFasters,

This is an email I received from Amy Savage, one of the Warrior Girls and iFasters, I asked her permission to share it with you as a group because I thought it was amazing to see such a precious heart in the midst of a real crisis.

"I'll tell you what, I was reminded more than once today that His power is made perfect in our weakness. Funny how it's really a place of weakness that we need to seek after and crave. It's not when we have it all together that God is most glorified. It's when things appear to be falling apart at the seams or are just plain old difficult that God's power is made PERFECT. When I feel a mess, He is not. Every single thing that comes to us is something that God is going to use in shaping us and equipping us for the purposes He has for us.

I ran across this quote today:
"We turn to God for help when our foundations are shaking, only to learn that it's God who is shaking them". Charles West

I feel like today God has spoken deep into my heart "Do you really trust me? You say that you do, but do you REALLY?" God's getting to the root of some things in my heart right now and I'm so thankful to know that He's the One shaking my foundations...nothing but good will come of that!"

If you, like me, resonate with what Amy is saying and learning, I'd encourage you to download the song "Let the Waters Rise" by MikesChair on iTunes. You may want to listen to it on repeat :-)

Praying for not only the organizations represented...but for each one of you. So many I have talked to are under attack right now...struggling deeply in many different areas. I'm praying for you as you press into Him and follow Him, learning what He has to teach you and not avoiding the pain or circumstances that bring it. You are a great source of encouragement to me as I watch your faith walks. I can't wait to pray with you in the morning....I warn you though, I may cry my way through this one if today was any indication :-) Such a privilege to join you in the throne room whether I hear your voice on the phone call or just know that you are seeking His face tomorrow on behalf of the poor, hungry and oppressed across the world and those that serve them.


For Amy and Ben Savage: As they face the challenge of the potential closure of Amy's business, we pray for peace, direction and clarity from God. We pray that no matter what happens that they would continue to have their hearts and minds turned to Him. He is a good God and this is not catching Him by surprise. Let's pray that they would hear His voice and be led by His Spirit.

Jen Polk, one of our iFasters, forwarded me this request. The fasting petition has been laid out by Linny at http://aplacecalledsimplicity.blogspot.com/2010/01/memorial-box-monday-r-u-willing-to-be.htm there, she says, BUT I am pleading with you with a prophetic voice for this reason: I believe that this is a pivotal point in international adoption. The Lord has impressed on me that He has been merciful to the body of Christ in allowing a door of opportunity to care for the orphan. But the door is now becoming a window and if we do not get on our knees and plead for Canada (and the rest of the world) to keep the opportunities for international adoption open, then we will see a sudden change in the winds of adoption. I do not type those words lightly. It is thatserious." She is asking for prayer specifically for James and Cheremil who are facing setbacks in their adoption as Canadian citizens.

Orphan Relief and Rescue:
Praising God for a wonderful, restful, yet adventurous holiday road trip for the field team.
Guidance and wisdom as we get back into the swing of work. We don't want to do anything on our own, but rather follow Christ's leading. - "For if their purpose or activity is of human origin, it will fail. But if it is from God, you will not be able to stop these men; you will only find yourselves fighting against God." Acts 5:38-39
Finding foster home for Korpu.
Matt and Mariel return to Liberia on Friday after almost a month of R&R in Guernsey, UK.
Gifty is still recovering after liver transplant and brain surgery.

Global Orphan Outreach:
Planning for their spring trip to Liberia. There is a lot of work to be done and not only would they like to see work accomplished on the ground, but would like to share the vision and see others inspired to get move involved.

ABBA Fund Prayer requests:
- Continued prayers for the many families stepping out in faith to adopt and in need of financial assistance
- God's provision so that we can help these families with financial assistance
- Needed staff and volunteers to serve families and churches.
- Church partners around the country starting adoption funds, that God will use them to encourage and mobilize their congregations for the fatherless
- Grand opening of our ABBA's Family thrift stores - Jan 16th, 2010. The mission of the stores is to raise money for adoption and orphans.
- Jason Kovacs, Director of Ministry Development, moving to TX next week to open an ABBA Fund office in Austin, TX.
- Pray for Canada. God is doing some big things in Canada when it comes to orphan care, adoption, and fos

Children's HopeChest:
1. Prayer of thanksgiving that year-end fundraisers exceeded both last year and budget - Thank you Lord.
2. Prayer of thanksgiving for the safe travels of the McElheny's in getting to Colorado
3. For our Feb Swazi trip, we need at least 4 more people to sign up - This is a very important request PLEASE pray that God fills this trip.
4. For January sponsorship launches for Kaperamaido and Adecar
5. For all of our volunteers and staff in the US and overseas
6. For the girls and boys susceptible to being trafficked
7. For the 145 million orphans in the world
8. For all of the iFast organizations and participants
Lemonade International:
1. Kerry Smith - our third full-time intern will be arriving in Guatemala next week and will attend four weeks of Spanish immersion classes before joining our team in Guatemala City in the middle of February. Please pray for her transition from life here in the US to her new life in Guatemala.

2. Several of our Guatemala team members were on sabbatical in Guatemala and in the US for the month of December. They are all returning this week and the new school year begins at our two schools in La Limonada. Pray for our team and for the children to have a great start to a new year.

3. Pray for the family of "Vitalina" - a woman from La Limonada in her 50's - who passed away after a long bout with cancer. She has a young-adult special needs daughter who will especially miss her mom.

4. Pray for our transition into our newly rented "Intern House" in Guatemala - where as many as 6 interns will be living by the spring and where our teams who travel to Guatemala will stay while in the country to serve in La Limonada. Pray for our team member, Donnie, who will be overseeing the house and all the interns.

1. I (Chris) is driving from Raleigh to Austin starting tomorrow. Plx pray for safety.
2. We have some meetings with church leaders that want to participate in Orphan Care. Pray for favor and direction!
3. Pray for wisdom, as we try to implement our 2010 strategy.
4. We have a scout team from Austin Stone leaving to Kenya Thursday. Pray for their safety, and wisdom and their serve the local Kenyan leader

Join us tomorrow morning first thing for a time of corporate prayer. I promise, you'll be blessed! Wednesdays 9:30 AM (eastern) at CALL IN # : 760- 569- 9000 ID: 968101#


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