Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A bit of a tribute to Jess

I wanted to take a second to do a bit of a tribute to Jess. She seriously drove across the country with me. We left the house at 6 am on a Wednesday and drove for 34.5 HOURS straight with the boys and I.

Yes, we got a bit silly in the car! Did I mention that she also chose to fast with me since we were driving on an iFast Wednesday??? HARD when snacking is the way to entertain yourselves while driving :-)

But, we enjoyed our Peppermint shakes as our liquid diet and REALLY enjoyed our Mickey D's run at midnight :-) You should have heard Jess praying for a 24 hour McDonald's! Classic. Oh yeah and having her participate in our iFast call and get to know the other "Warrior Girls" was a special treat.

So, then we arrive in Colorado exhausted and I have her working within 12 hours. She spent the next 4 days working like crazy to help me set up my house. She made it her mission to make sure that we had pictures hung on the walls and everything! We ended our time laying by the fire until the wee hours of the morning sharing our hearts and giggling like crazy. The drive to the airport was full of many tears as we clung to Jesus. You see, friends like Jess don't come around all the time. Friends who can share not only your hearts but your lives. The cool thing about Jess and I is that we "do life" really well together. She was the perfect person to make this move with me b/c she parents my kids just like I do :-) She helped with the boys when I thought I was going crazy. She knew where I'd want to put things in my house and had a great eye for where things SHOULD go when I was too overwhelmed to make my own decisions.

Thank you Jess. I love you sweet friend. I am proud to know you and thankful for you.


Jen said...

what a sweet post about a precious friend. it really is something special when you have a friendship that you can share life with. love you girls. :)

Beautiful Mess said...

AWWW... Praise God for amazing friends!

jena said...

I love Jess!