Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Exceedingly Abundantly!

Are you ready for more craziness….

Now that we have crossed over 400 shirts sold, in our SHIRTS FOR SHOES we are able to do even MORE than we

first hoped possible. Doesn’t that just show that our God does exceedingly abundantly more?! With the sales of all of our shirts from here on out, we are going to focus our efforts on the older kids. These big kids need us to step up for them! Pass it on!

Here’s the neat thing, we have pictures of the kids who can be YOUR Valentine! Here are 2 of those boys who need shoes and shirts.

Guess what? You can be an even better Valentine by actually sponsoring these boys! Both of the boys you see here (and 47 more) at Kolfe Youth Orphanage need families to step up to sponsor them! Sponsorship means $34/month and the ability to have a relationship with him through letters!

Email David Held at

Go now! Buy your SHIRTS and then Email David to get started on Sponsorship!! (PS leave me a comment if you are gonna step up to sponsor one of these boys...I'm praying they find sponsors THIS weekend!)

1 comment:

Beautiful Mess said...

Praying someone steps up and fill in the gap for these guys.

With my hubby not working it is too much for us to take on additional children-though I would LOVE to!

In the meantime I will PRAY!!

and hopefully soon, as God provides ABUNDANTLY, we can take on some more kiddos!