Saturday, February 6, 2010

A Day at the Zoo

We decided to spend a lazy Saturday morning at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo where we have season passes :-) It's not Sea World, but it is pretty neat! It's located on the side of the mountain and mostly covered in snow.

The giraffes are the big hit for my kiddos!

Davis isn't sure if he likes them or not

Bray has no fear!

The 3 kiddos :-)
Davis going in for a hug...I told them that Nana, Grandad and Grandma and Grandpa wanted more pictures!
She WILL pose by herself...just not hugging with D
Just us girls
Posing on the statues is always fun
A great day in great weather! Now...for naptime for these kiddos!


Brittani said...

love love love the pictures! Keep it up! BTW we are definitely going to the zoo when we visit :)

steffany said...

she is such your little mini you