Monday, February 8, 2010

First Snowball Fights!!!

Last week there was a huge snowstorm in the east....I was super jealous of all of you posting on Facebook with your gorgeous snow pictures. I even posted on Twitter (@BrandiM if you care) that I was praying for snow here!

Well, for the past 2 days it's been snowing!!! I LOVE it! The huge snowflakes falling are just gorgeous. In fact, I'm a bit distracted right now just looking out my kitchen window at the snow falling in my backyard.

Today, we went outside for our first snowman making party! um, we aren't very good at snowmen apparently! turned into a snowball fight :-) Well, for Gracie it turned into a crying fest :-) She LOVED the snowball making...but not ANYONE throwing it at her.

It was SUCH a fun day! Though...I must say that I think this mom needs snowpants because I was soaked!! If I'm gonna be a fun "snow mom" I think I might need the equipment :-)


Kelly said...

So cute w/ their rosy cheeks and noses!

Brittani said...

oh my word! fantastic pictures!!! i love it!... and I miss you guys so much.

Theresa said...

Awesome! I'm glad you enjoy the snow. Give it a few years and you will wish the snow wouldn't come. Ha ha!

Diane Larson said...

Good mom. It is so nice because it usually isn't too cold in Colorado. We are having a snow day here in Iowa but it is much too cold to take Sabrina out. I think it is below zero with the wind chill. I am pretty sure I have a picture of my two older kids from the Colorado Springs zoo on that same sculpture. I wanted to let you know that Noelle is doing much better. She is in school and sleeping better. Thank you for all of your prayers.

Beautiful Mess said...

Being a FL girl-I still have yet to see snow. Looks like fun!!!