Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Did you guys know that Greg started a blog? He's sharing stories from South Africa now and they are heart wrenching. Go HERE to read more.

Today's blog reminds me of 2 emails I've gotten in the past week. You see, Rapha, our special orphanage in Uganda has the 50 orphans who are in our program as well as 250 kids who go to school there. We have been able to provide food for them in the past for a term or two. That money is now gone and we don't have anyone stepping up yet. It's a big deal. $1500 per month to feed 250 kids lunch every day. I've gotten emails from the Headmistress and from the Orphanage Director asking for lunch money and saying the kids are hungry. My eyes tear up just writing about it. I don't know what to say so I haven't written back. Know anyone or any business that wants to keep 250 kids a month fed?

A few days ago Jason Kovacs tweeted this quote from Francis Chen. "We save money for emergencies. Since when is children being sold daily into sex slavery not an emergency?" The same could be said for children not eating. Oh Jesus, take me and break me. Show me where I'm saving up money for me while children die of hunger.

PS Contact me if you have any ideas for Rapha kids eating. It needs to be sustainable. The staff has a hard time feeding kids for just a month and don't understand why they don't get that same money the next month.

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chrisnoelle said...

Brandi,I posted it on my FB...next to many prayers. Maybe there is a way to divide up the cost and get many committed sponsors @ $20 a month? I know that would be more difficult, but might be more doable. Although, our God is quite large....