Wednesday, February 17, 2010

iFast....a tad late :-)

Agh! Greg's out of town and I am alone with the 3 kiddos....It's kind of messed me up on days! When Gracie got into bed with me at 2 am it dawned on me...oh no, I haven't sent out the iFast email! are your requests! Sorry this is so late!


Remember the Poor:
For the church to have her eyes opened wide, fixed on eternity, fixed on the author and perfector of our faith. That we would not be lulled by the things that are transient and passing, but that we would be fully engaged and awakened to the eternal. We ask God to do whatever it takes to awaken us, to open our eyes, to see His Kingdom. Since we are no longer children of darkness, that we would walk and live as children of light, producing abundant fruit

Lemonade International
1. Pray for a Vitalino - an 83-year-old widower with no family who just had surgery on his leg. He is a man who is very special to our team in Guatemala. He is recovering in the hospital today after a blood transfusion following surgery.
2. Pray for our 50 Days in 50 Days Campaign that begins tomorrow - our goal is to broaden our base of monthly donors to include all 50 states in the US. We currently cover 27 states and want to strengthen our presence there while adding donors in the remaining 23 states.
3. Pray for our team member, Leah Craver, who is returning to the US this Thursday after serving in La Limonada for the past year. She will also be raising support to continue working Part-Time helping to coordinate our child sponsorship program.
4. Pray for Erwin "Shorty" Luna as he fully steps into the role of pastor to the La Limonada community and serves as the point person of our new church "Communidad de Fe".
5. Pray for important steps that need to be followed to move our carpentry workshop forward at Escuelita Mandarina.
6. Pray for "Michael" - a 12 year old boy in La Limonada who tends to be the "class clown", but is currently depressed because his family and home life is falling apart. We visited his home last week and the environment is horrible.

We have a team on the ground in South Africa/Swaziland this week. Pray for safety and effectiveness.
Pray for travels for Bob and Tom to Dallas this week.
Pray for NGO status for Ethiopia and Uganda.
Pray for our staff in the US as we grow and go through changes.
Pray for Peter Abera our country director for Ethiopia as he travels to the US next month.

Orphan Relief and Rescue
Please pray for wisdom as we work with the government to find the best situation to transfer children out of the very worst orphanages--whether into foster care, better orphanages, extended family, etc. And please pray that the orphanage directors would work with, not against us, in the interests of the child. Pray for the children, as this can be a traumatic experience--missing their friends, a new environment and new caretakers. So pray it wouldn't be in vain, that in the long term they would have amazing opportunities to grow and to know Christ, to transform their nation.
-Korpu was moved to her new foster home yesterday! We have been working towards this for two months. This is a great opportunity for her to have a new chance at life and truly thrive. Please continue to pray for her as she adjusts to a new place. Also pray for the other kids at the orphanage she came from. They are all in similar situations and we are in a fragile agreement with the director for helping them to find new places too. It is a sticky situation and we want what is best for all the kids involved.
-Michael is looking much better as well! The swelling in his legs and jaundice is gone and he has more energy. Continue praying for healing from his liver disease.
-This week we are celebrating the first year of our Child Development Program (CDP). When CDP started last year we were reaching 10 kids today 120 children in some of Liberia's worst orphanages are receiving mentorship and discipleship in small group settings. We have seen amazing results in the behavior of the children. As this program continues to grow our need for Child Mentors is also growing. Please pray for the right people, Liberians and/or international staff to join our team.
-Our President, Tim Pratt was supposed to be joining the team in Liberia next week. Due to severe back problems he has had to delay his trip. Please pray for his complete healing and that the time he does spend here will be productive and encouraging for all.

Louisville Orphan Care Initiative
Launch of our Pregnant Teen Mom Ministry & Aging Out of Foster Care Ministry
God's hand to continue to move in bringing in those that are willing to be the hands and feet of Christ.
Continued favor with the Jefferson County Department of Family & Children
Strength and wisdom for all that are involved.

A new team has joined iFast this week. This is a friend of ours who is ministering to Homeless teens in Colorado Springs. He works with an org that is not faith based so we won't use their name, but he'll still give us requests! Pray for Daniel as he ministers!
In keeping it simple to start with-I'd love your prayers for the homeless youth in Colorado Springs-that true change will come when they open up to God's love for them. Then for those of us who work with them-some know Christ, some do not.

Caroline's Promise
I would love for the team to pray for my health. I have been sick, off and on for the past month. It just won't go away. Going back to the doctor today. Thank you:)

For the Orgs that are participating but didn't get us requests:
Abba Fund
Global Orphan Outreach
Liberia Education Project
Amazima Ministries

Join us THIS morning first thing for a time of corporate prayer. I promise, you'll be blessed! Wednesdays 9:30 AM (eastern) at CALL IN # : 760- 569- 9000 ID: 968101


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Carey said...

Yeah for Korpu. I'm the lucky lady that is sponsoring most of her fostercare costs with Global Orphan Outreach. I'm excited to help her and praying for the other kids that need help.