Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Eyes of Grace ~ iFast58

Amy Savage, one of our iFasters and a precious friend, recently gave me the best devotional. Each day, the Lord seems to use it in an intimate and amazing way to teach me and draw me into Himself. I thought this week that I would just share the devotional for this iFast.

"Come to me for understanding, since I know you far better than you know yourself. I comprehend you in all your complexity; no detail of your life is hidden from Me. I view you through eyes of grace, so don't be afraid of My intimate awareness. Allow the Light of My healing Presence to shine into the deepest recesses of your being - cleansing, healing, refreshing, and renewing you. Trust Me enough to accept the full forgiveness that I offer you continually. This great gift, which cost Me my life, is yours for all eternity. Forgiveness is at the very core of My abiding Presence, I will never leave you or forsake you.

When no one else seems to understand you, simply draw closer to Me. Rejoice in the One who understands you completely and loves you perfectly. As I fill you with My Love, you become a reservoir of love, overflowing into the lives of other people." --Psalm 139:1-4, 2 Corinithians 1:21-22, Joshua 1:5

I pray that you are being met in sweet ways by our Father and that your time in prayer and fasting will not only move heaven and earth on behalf of the poor, hungry and oppressed by that personally you will find the healing that only He can bring.

I'm so thankful for the sweet Lord that we serve who meets us and views us with eyes of Grace...whose thoughts about us are frequent and sweet. Also darn thankful for a group like this to pray and fast together.

Remember the Poor:
That we would walk as he did. (I John 2:6) That is short, but it says it all, doesn't it?

Caroline's Promise:
One of our families that is adopting internationally, just heard good news! We continue to pray that the Lord will move on behalf of the children he wants to place in families.

A local Christian Book Store is selling Bibles for $5 and asking their customers to purchase and donate them to Caroline's Promise. The Bibles will be taken to our community project, "Plastic City" in Guyana, South America. They will be given to our partner church. Our goal is 250. We did nothing to solicit this. Just another example of God moving on behalf of His people!

I forwarded Tom Davis' post about prostitutes and The World Cup to our volunteer that writes our blog. This woman's heart has been touched in a major way!

Guyana team preparing for an April trip
New board members in North and South Carolina
Leadership changes in South Carolina
Human Race - this Saturday. We have over 300 people walking in a community walk. They'll wear t-shirts that educate the other participants about the needs of orphans. Pray that God will use our efforts to raise awareness.

Please pray for our teams in Uganda, Russia, Ethiopia, Swaziland, Haiti, Gautemala, India and South Africa
Please pray for our struggling sponsor communities
Please pray for the launch of our new technology back end
Please pray for our stateside staff and many volunteers
Please pray for our upcoming vision trips to Russia, Ethiopia and Uganda
Please pray for upcoming launches in India and Guatemala

Orphan Relief and Rescue
- Please pray for Korpu in foster care--praise God, she is thriving like we've never seen, but still has a long way to go. Also pray for Mardea, a tiny little girl (10 lbs at 24 months) in the ICU doing intensive re-feeding. She will spend many months in hospital, so please also pray for caretakers to live there full-time with her. Both of these little girls are in the able hands of Global Orphan Outreach and Doctors Without Borders.
- Our president, Tim Pratt, is traveling to Liberia this week. Please join us in prayer for his health as he has had several setbacks in the past month. We suspect the enemy doesn't want him in Liberia to encourage and to be encouraged!
- We're moving our offices (including all our staff) to the Seattle area in a few short months -- please pray that God would continue to open doors across the board -- affordable housing, a smooth transition, a positive impact of the Great News in our new community.

Blessings on you and all the iFasters. We *so* appreciate your prayers. I can't begin to tell you. All the best,

Join us tomorrow morning first thing for a time of corporate prayer. I promise, you'll be blessed! Wednesdays 9:30 AM (eastern) at CALL IN # : 760- 569- 9000 ID: 968101


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Beautiful Mess said...

Had come late to the call and I couldn't get on-it said I was the only caller--did you guys end early--or did I miss some sort of cut off--I tried to call in at 10.

Still with you all praying and fasting! All my love Jen!