Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Brayden's Birthday Wish - That Others May Eat

My son is turning 6 today!!!

Most 6 year olds have a list of things a mile long that they are begging for as gifts. Don't get me wrong, Brayden is completely different than this. In fact, at the breakfast table this morning he got new legos and a slip 'n' slide to play with today.

A few hours later, when his gift from Nana and Grandad arrived - he looked a bit different than the typical American 6 year old. how so?

Well, when he opened his present he got a gift as well as some money. I casually said, "wow, you could feed a lot of kids with that money!" He lit up.

"Yes, let's do that, mom! I want to give it to HopeChest and help feed kids in Africa!"

I suggested that maybe he keep a small portion and give the rest away. He decided to give $40 and keep $10 for a remote control car. He was thrilled when I told him that since we (we work for Hopechest, a global orphan care organization) can feed kids for $0.25 each, his $40 could feed 160 kids!

Later, we went to the office to drop off the money and realized that we had a few remote control cars and that he could have one of them. He was delighted! Immediately, he decided to give his other $10.

When we got back into the car, he asked me if I would put it on twitter and FB and ask if other people wanted to give him money for his birthday too? That's a no-brainer, huh?!

I told him that soon he'd have enough money to feed a child for a whole year! $91.25 for 365 meals. His response? I want to do 800 years worth....well, lots of kids for one year at least!

I put out the plea and others are giving up their bday money too - or donating in Brayden's name to make his dream come true - that in celebration of HIS life - others will LIVE!

Currently we have $199.75 - enough for 799 meals. And he's not done yet. He just opened a card from my grandparents containing $10. He immediately scooped it up and handed it to me saying, "For HopeChest mom!".

Will you join us? Will you help me show my little ones - and yours - that our kids can make a difference? Can we get excited with them and show them that giving is WAY cooler? Can we show them Jesus' heart for the poor?

If so - feel free to share this note. Feel free to give. Feel free to get excited with me and tell other kids. In fact, we have 3 extra kids here today and they are all saying that they want to do the same thing for their birthdays too! And tonight, at his party - he's asked just for $$ for kids to eat! That's the kind of celebration that makes this mama's heart soar.

**to give go to www.hopechest.org and click give. In the notes section write "Brayden's bday / Africa food" They'll give me an update or you can email me at brandi@hopechest.org and tell me how many meals so that I can share with Brayden. (one meal is $0.25)


Sarah and Davis said...

I love this story, Brandi. Precious.

Jessica Smith said...

Brandi...this just melts my heart! It sounds to me like you are raising a little world changer!

The fruit of your heart and your life is evident and I am blessed to know you.

So much of what you write challenges and encourages me in my journey!

Carlee said...

Wow this excites me so much!!!!!!!!!! Go Brayden. Man I love the heart of kids!! When my now 8yr old was 6 and his Dad was overseas for work. He turned to me and said when I go on a plane next i'm going to live with the poor people. I said really wheres that? and he said in AFRICA of course Mum!!! AFRICA!!! I teared up because that is what God had been working on our hearts with too. But because my son Noah was born with alot of health issuses we thought we could never go live there because of his health but that day I will never forget. Because it was like God saying its ok he will be ok and that he had also captivated my sons heart for Africa too. We are still on the journey and not there yet but hope to be soon. God bless you and Brayden! Keep going you will get to the goal with faith like yours. XXX