Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Helen Falls

It was SUPER hot yesterday (yes, even for you FL people. It was 97! And no one here really has AC :-)

However, today was gorgeous. low 70s most of the day. I decided to take the kids somewhere Colorado-y (a new word, yes) to enjoy the weather and the place we find ourselves in. I called Emily Davis (Tom's wife) and asked if I could borrow a few of her kiddos to make it even more fun. After picking up Hudson (4), Lilly (6) and Gracie (8) we headed to North Cheyenne Canyon to go see the waterfalls we had heard about from our friends.

Halfway into the Canyon we decided to stop for a picnic lunch by the beautiful creek.
My Gracie - sweet AND sassy :-)
Lilly Davis
Brayden - so handsome
Gracie Davis
Crazy Davis
Silly faces first
And one serious one - which as SUPER hard to get, as always! oh my - these three
The gang :-) Surprisingly good at getting in pictures today!
When we got all the way to the falls, Sara and the Giordano kiddos met up with us!

Here is all but Hannah, her friend Alli and Luke.
Gracie and Abby. I LOVE these girls. They are 2 of my 4 girls for Bible Study on Wednesday nights.....probably my favorite time of every week. I love watching these girls grow and learn and love more deeply.
The whole group.....what precious kiddos. I am so blessed by each and every one of them
Bray and Luke. Luke is pretty much Brayden's hero. It's so cute to watch.
Gracie and Abby again....love how girls love pictures with their buddies.

A great day was had by all. I'm so glad I get to live in a place like this. How beautiful!!! I can't wait to take the kids hiking and exploring some more and find all sorts of cool spots throughout Colorado.


Jan said...

I love seeing the pictures, it makes me feel like I am almost there. We really miss you all!

Barbie said...

Your kids are so adorable! We love hiking by waterfalls, it looked so peaceful!

Brittani said...

love love love love this post! I miss those kids soooo much! I loved the silly face picture :)
Tell them I said "Hi" and "I LOVE YOU"... btw They are getting pretty good at taking pics! Love it

Chris Noelle said...

AWWWW, we used to walk those very trails and do bible study! Now, you make me want to move back! love the pics. ;)

Kelly said...

Super cute!! I met a friend of yours the other day... Debbie Titus!! Apparently at the end of the year party at school we realized that our boys have been in the same class all year and we both knew you! funny!!!
Stop by and enter my giveaway!! Everyone could use some free $$!!!! Great seeing the kids!