Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Abba Father ~iFast58

I was wondering what to write this evening when I came across Karen Wistrom's note on Facebook (you should friend her - everyone should know her - she's amazing). She was advocating for the precious kids in her carepoint in Ethiopia and talking about how so many are fatherless and the difference we can make....it got me to thinking...

We can't display the Father Heart of God until we really get it. The abba heart of our Father.

Isn't that our prayer for the poor, hungry and oppressed this weekend??? That as we celebrate Father's Day, they are wrapped in the arms of the Father who loves them unconditionally.

So what would the Abba Father experience look like for the poor, hungry, oppressed people around the world. I thought about what a daddy does when their little one is in pain since so many of those we are praying for are in very real pain. It made me think of how I act as a mama when one of my littles has to get stitches. If they have gotten hurt, stitches are necessary. And yet, they hurt even more. I think a few of our natural actions in this particular situation struck me as the Father Heart of God and how He feels towards us and especially towards the poor, hungry and oppressed:

1- We ache. - I hate to see my kiddos hurting and so does He. The bible says that the tears of the saints are precious to the Lord.
2. We hold them and whisper into their ears. - I can't stop the stitches and truthfully wouldn't want to - it's what my kiddo needs to heal. Instead, I cradle their head in my arms and hold them close and whisper in their ears, "don't worry sweet one, mama is here. It's ok, mama's here. You're gonna be ok" God's word says He is CLOSE to the Broken hearted.....I'm going to choose to read it as "He cradles in His arms the broken hearted".

So that's my prayer this week as we approach Father's Day....both for any of you who are struggling as well as for the poor hungry and oppressed that we are interceding for today. That in the midst of their pain they will feel His arms cradling them as He whispers into their ears His sweet words of comfort as He aches for their pain even while using it to heal them inside and out. May we, and they, know our Abba Father in a new and unique way this week.

Remember the Poor:
When the poor and needy seek water, and there is none, and their tongue is parched with thirst, I the LORD will answer them; I the God of Israel will not forsake them. Isaiah 41:17 I am so thankful that on so many fronts, He does not forsake us. That He does not even forsake us in physical thirst. There's been no movement so far with the $251,000, so I am still petitioning, and of course questioning and soul-searching. His ways, not mine... :)

Praying with our sweet sponsors like Karen (mentioned above) and others who are seriously pounding the pavement on behalf of a group of orphans halfway around the world. Praying that sponsors step up and that our precious advocates realize in some small way today what an ENORMOUS blessing they are to the kingdom

Praying for our India trip that leaves on Sunday. The trip will be focusing ministry at the Good Samaritan School. Some of the team will also break off and spend time doing ministry in brothels and with the children of women who have been trafficked. Please pray. This is a heavy, evil underworld and we have been highly warned that this is dangerous, both spiritually and physically. Will you join us in praying each and every day for our team? If you'd like to be a part of our prayer team simply reply to this email and we will get you the team members names and more info for your prayer time.

ABBA Fund / Together 4 Adoption Conference
Pray for families applying for funding
God's provision for us for families
Conference planning
Early bird registration
ABBA/T4A internship

Join us tomorrow morning first thing for a time of corporate prayer. I promise, you'll be blessed!
Wednesdays 9:30 AM (eastern) at CALL IN # : 760- 569- 9000 ID: 968101 We are also adding a NEW CALL!!! This one will be at 1:30 (eastern) and will focus on prayer for those who are being trafficked into the sex trade. Join us!


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I would like to be praying daily for the India team. Please send me the list. Thanks!

Kim Basten