Wednesday, July 14, 2010

iFast Requests

Remember the Poor:
John 14:13-14 "Whatever you ask in my name, this I will do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son. If you ask me anything in my name, I will do it." I am continuing to ask for the $326,000 necessary to care for the 1500 children in Gulu, Uganda--the school, the clothes, the borehole, the food, the medicine. I know He loves them more than I do. And I know He has opened my eyes to their plight. So, I am asking in His name.

Pray for the many upcoming trips! Pray that the Lord will bring exactly who He wants to be involved. Pray that our leadership will have wisdom about where to reach out, who to invite and when and where to plan trips.

Pray for the new country launches and all of the details that go into planning these.

Pray for communities to step forward for the following sites: June Amagara in Uganda, the 5 sites in South Africa, The Friends of the Good Samaritan in India, the 2 safe houses in Moldova and the grad programs in Russia.

Pray for communities that have carepoints where not all of the children are sponsored - pray that a fire will be lit in these churches and they will rise up to meet the needs of their orphanage/carepoint.

Indian Rescue Mission -

As I write, they are approaching the police to request a rescue. They have found 8 minor girls (ages 14-15) in brothels throughout the red light district of Pune. The police are considering a rescue for 2 of the girls. Pray for this rescue happening hopefully next few hours. Also pray for mercy and release for the other 6 girls. Pray that the police will shock everyone and desire to rescue all of the girls.

Gold Coast Orphan Alliance
Gold Coast Orphan Alliance. We are doing a We Heart Orphans party in an outlying town tomorrow night and there will be people there from various churches in that area. Please pray that God will move in the churches represented on behalf of orphans and allow our ministry to expand into that community. Also, there is a possible opportunity for travel to Ghana.. Pray for wisdom and discernment.
Join us tomorrow morning first thing for a time of corporate prayer. I promise, you'll be blessed!
Wednesdays 9:30 AM (eastern) at CALL IN # : 760- 569- 9000 ID: 968101 We are also adding a NEW CALL!!! This one will be at 1:30 (eastern) and will focus on prayer for those who are being trafficked into the sex trade. Join us!



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