Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Prayer Requests ~ iFast58

We got a lot of prayer requests in this week! No need for my words - it's time to get praying, people :-)

Remember the Poor:
"We shall not let go of God until He makes this place a place of praise." Those are the words of our partnering pastor in Gulu, Uganda. (paraphrase of Isaiah 62:7) I don't have any new news to report this week, but we are pressing on in prayer, asking the Lord for all that is needed for the people of Kochgoma (Gulu). We think we're asking for $326,000...but He knows the needs better than we do.

Praise for the India Trip - God did remarkable things in and through this team. Pray for the ministries they encountered on the ground that are doing amazing things with tireless effort. Continue to pray for freedom from oppression and bondage and the chains of injustice that so tightly hold many of these places. Pray for the Spirit's work that was obvious to our team as He pursues the hearts of the people.

Pray for the leadership as decisions are made about partnerships and new county openings

Pray for churches / communities to step up for communities in Uganda, S. Africa, India and Russia

Pray for the churches/ communities with low sponsorship - pray that their leaders will once again light a fire in their people to stand up for the fatherless.

ABBA Fund / Together 4 Adoption Conference
From Dan Cruver - head of T4A
I have this strong inward sense that God is going to awaken people who attend the T4A conference in a significant way. So please pray to that end. That God would awaken his people to care for orphans in a way he has yet to do.

Asha Mission - Delhi, India
1. the need for land at asha mission: wisdom in searching out property (especially for Pastor Babu and his wife Lijy), financial provision for it, trust in Gods timing, faith to step out
2. there are 3 street girls who I (Jessica) am going back to a specific train station in N India to look for with another asha mission leader, amanda (another volunteer). i will have to share more of this story later, but we met these three girls last fall, have been burdened ever since, and are hoping to find them and possibly get them into an asha mission home. the chances are sooo tiny...but possible. and God is a God who saves! so we are resting that case before Him!
3. for the salvation of all the children at asha mission
4. for rest, encouragement, and strength in saji and gracie at asha mission delhi. and for sam and his wife (leaders at asha mission kolkata)
5. for asha mission to be a Light in a dark place
6. for saji phillip and his wife working in brothel areas

Indian Rescue Mission
Please pray for Indian Rescue Mission, for the Investigation team as they will be investigating on brothels in Karnataka State. The team is not getting access into the brothel as the manager and the brothel keeper is objecting. Please pray.

Orphan Relief and Rescue
After injuring her foot, Ashley traveled safely home last week -- thanks for your prayers there -- and it's a good thing because it turned out to be broken. Please pray for a speedy recovery so she can return to her kids in Liberia, where she so desperately wants to be.

Another of our team, Andrew, is traveling to Canada tomorrow to try and finish the immigration process to the U.S. so he can join the office team in Seattle. An unfortunate and unforeseen expense, but God is already providing! Please pray that the paperwork will soon come to an end!

With most of our field team now gone for R&R, please pray for the kids. Pray they don't feel left behind, especially now that school's done and it's pouring rain every day in Liberia. Pray that those at home get the rest they've earned, and those still in Liberia have the strength and grace to carry the extra burden.

Personal - from iFasters
Jason Wert - This is going to sound rather selfish but if you could pray for me as I work on a challenge to go a month never doubting that God is there I'd appreciate it.

Pray for Ben and Amy Savage who are moving out to Colorado to work for HopeChest - pray that their house will sell!

Pray for the many iFasters who are in the process of adoption and waiting that is so hard and painful.

Thanks as always for your protection and provision through prayer.
Join us tomorrow morning first thing for a time of corporate prayer. I promise, you'll be blessed!
Wednesdays 9:30 AM (eastern) at CALL IN # : 760- 569- 9000 ID: 968101 We are also adding a NEW CALL!!! This one will be at 1:30 (eastern) and will focus on prayer for those who are being trafficked into the sex trade. Join us!



Ling! said...

Hey Brooke! I've been trying to figure out what iFast58 is. I get the general idea it's to come together to pray. The website's not working. Is there somewhere to find background info on it?

YES I'm staying at the Renaissance Hotel when I'm there. My husband was so annoyed I was spending this money, so I only got it for one night. I'll just drive in reallllllly early the first day, I guess! Then I'll be hanging at the hotel the next night. I am excited to meet so many of you!!!

Beautiful Mess said...

LOVE you!

Thank you for making me think outside of "me"!

Angel said...

I am LOVING the new blog look!! So super cute!

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