Monday, July 5, 2010

She Reads

Check out this month!

Tom's new book, Priceless, is the featured book of the month!!! This is a HUGE deal because they primarily feature female authors!!!

Have you read it yet? It's amazing. Simply amazing.

But not always fun. It's a painful read into an area that I had kept my heart from caring deeply about for so long.

As Angel said, it's a book that had to be written and must be read.

So with that...I encourage it. Please. Not for me, but for the 27 million people who are enslaved today. Just keeping yourself from an issue isn't ok.

Believe me, I tried. I tried b/c I didn't think I could do anything. I'm learning differently.

I must open my eyes, then I must take that broken heart to Jesus ---and then, I must wait upon Him to tell me how I might be involved in HIS heart for Justice!

If you read it - I'd also encourage you to go to and download the devotional that goes along with it! (I wrote it!)

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GinH said...

I wasn't sure Priceless could be better than Scared but I was wildly surprised and LOVED, LOVED it... if only it could be required reading for freshman in college - Hmm...