Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Yellow Fever, The Hep Twins and Typhoid

That was the lady pretending to give me a shot! For some reason, she wanted to pose for the picture. I don't think she even knew that Jess was taking the rest of these, especially since they were taken on my camera phone!

This REALLY hurt! Actually, both of my arms were quite sore and I'm having trouble lifting them very high. Thankfully, no sickness yet from the yellow fever though! By the way, I look pretty darn chubby there and my arm looks flabby too! Please disregard both of those things. . .it must be the camera angle!

Ok, this is my "ouch" face! I'm kind of playing it up a bit!


Scott and Erin said...

these pictures are making me laugh my butt off. glad you won't get violently ill when you start out on your African safari... that might put a kink in the whole adoption plan.

Love you! Praying for you!


p.s. weren't we supposed to go to bed? hmm... have to work on that...

Faith said...

OK Brandi, whatever! You don't look chubby at all. You need to take that comment back since it makes all the rest of us look bad... I never even thought to document getting my shots for Africa. Interesting... :)

jaz said...

Thanks SO MUCH for helping me to re-live the pain of the shots!! ;0) And you'll LOVE this comment: Since Yellow Fever is a live vaccine, you won't get hit with a reaction until about 10 days or so after you get the shot if you're going to have one, since that's how long it takes to hit you when you really get it. Don't ask me how I know... ;0) Seriously, though, I love the idea of documenting the shots! And you're WAAAY too tan for this time of year!? Whatever!
Jamie Z. (in cold, foggy, OREGON)

Jess said...

Cute...you really should have used this for wordless Wednesday... oh well you get enough traffic anyhow! I would liek to see gregs shot pics, I wonder if he will cry?

Kat said...

I didn't see any flab anywhere! Love your "ouch" face!

julie said...

this is too funny! I loved it. I never had any reactions at all and we had 5 at one time. Hope your arms are better soon.

it's me, Val said...

I've never been to your blog before but bookmarked it. We want to adopt, and soon, but haven't decided on where to adopt from. How did you make that decision?


amber said...

Owwwww!!! Oh geez... I have been putting off getting my shots because I HATE shots! (Plus after talking to Jamie, I am worried about having the same bad reaction to the Yellow Fever Vaccination that she did!!) Oh well... I will be brave... for Henry!!! :)

Love ya,

P.S. I am still at my folks and will be for the rest of the week, so I'll give you a call when I get home or next week sometime. Hopefully we'll connect faster this time than last time!! :0)

Anonymous said...

You are so cute!! OUCH!!!! OUCHIE woo woo1!! Did you get a lollie afterward...or a mint choco shake from Chik Fila!!! Go girl!!!!!!! love you!!!!!!! Denise

Tama said...

You guys crack me up!!! I had my Twin Hep/flu/polio booster on friday, Yellow fevor on monday and was sick as a dog on tuesday. My friend traveling did the same so we arn't sure if it was the flu after 4 days or the yellow fever the next day. I should have documented the occation too! Good thinking Bran. Chunky? I guess I'm obese! HA! Oh wait...I am! :o)

Blu and Darbi said...

Brandi you're so cute!! These made me laugh :)


Rebecca said...

i was cracking up that she posed for the picture!

guess we'll have to start getting all those shots sometime in the near future! yuck on the ouch. I don't like it when shots hurt!!

Tiff said...

OUCH!!! Love the Ouch face!!

Becky said...

I think it is so funny that you think that you look chubby in these pictures, because I was thinking, "Man, she's so cute. I'm so jealous!"

Glad you survived the shots!

: ) Becky

Cassie said...

so, is this kinda like labor pain? it's worth every minute once you have him in your arms, huh?

Andrea said...

Wow, Brandi! Great pics. Although, they do not motivate me to get my shots any faster :)

Rae said...

1. Every time you post pictures of yourself, I'm forced to say it: THIRTEEN year olds should not be allowed to adopt!

2. What kind of sicko thinks of POSING for a fake injection picture?

3. What kind of sicko posts REAL injection pictures on her blog?

Something is very, very wrong with you, my infantile little friend!

Andrea said...

By the way, where did you go to get your shots?

Scott and Katy said...

Love the pics... miss the daily phone calls!


Kim @ PAI said...

It is so nice to 'meet' you Brandi.
I read some of your adoption story and plan to come back to read more.

God bless you. I just said a quick prayer for you and your husband.

I am an adoptive Mom too. Come by and visit our ministry online -
Parenting after Infertility/Loss

Kim C.
Ministry Founder and Mom :)

Tessa said...

i shudder just looking at this!

Jamie said...

Did you change your blog look? I know I've been to your blog before but it looks different. I hate shots and anything to do with needles.

Anonymous said...

1. Don't you think it's time for a new post? It's been 6 days already. Sheesh!

2. I hate you for having 22...make that 23 comments on one post. One post that doesn't even have any adorable pictures of the most beautiful African princess ever to leave the shores of Liberia. Oh, wait, those pictures would be on MY blog. If I ever posted them.

3. I think I thought I heard your voice on the answering machine today, but I was in the bathroom and even though this apartment is smaller than legally allowed for a family of 4, I still can't hear very well that far. Especially above the, uh, other noises.

4. I probably should be calling you, but most people consider it rude to talk with food in your mouth, but no one seems to mind typing under the same circumstances.

Much love and jealousy,
Your numbered-list-loving stalker