Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas Fun

This week was full of Christmas fun! We didn't get a whole lot done (no wrapped presents under the tree. ..just a bunch of balls that Davis has removed from it). I had the fabulous idea to make Christmas cookies with the kids for Santa. Great idea. . .in theory! Let me just tell you now, if you are thinking, "oh I should do that with my kids". . .if they are 2 or under, just tell youself, "NO"!!! Gracie just yelled for cookies and Davis ate the dough. . .oh well, at least we got cute pics! Brayden, however, LOVED this! He liked the rolling out of dough, the cookie cuttering (that's a word, right?) and especially the decorating!

Then, the real fun began! Let me just back up and tell you that I had the fabulous idea on Monday to go take my kids to get their pics taken with Santa at the mall. Except for, because of poor planning on my part, we got there right around nap time only to find out it was a 45 min. wait and the cheapest package was $25! Well, I made the decision to leave only to have Gracie freak out screaming, "I hold you, Anta!!". . .oh yeah, AND Davis only wants to be held by me at this point (if you're wondering he has DEFINITELY attached), so I have 2 kids crying in the middle of the mall. Needless to say, I was like "Get me out of here!".. .

Thankfully, my dad has an awesome Santa suit. . .so, Santa made a house call at our house last night! Gracie was thrilled! In fact, when Santa took off his costume and it was just plain old grandad, she was NOT happy. She kept pointing to the suit and telling my dad, "Anta?" Surprisingly enough, Davis loved him too. It helps that it's really Grandad and the whole thing happens in our living room! Santa even brought presents. Thanks Santa!!!!


julie said...

love the pics........i wish santa would make a housecall here! hahaha

Laura said...

With packages that cost $25, I think that all Grandads should invest in a Santa Suit. Sounds like a perfect idea.

PS. There is something so wonderful about Larry Goff as Santa!

Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...

I remember when you used to bake cookies with the little girls from church. I thought you were a little crazy back. Things haven't changed much. I have a hard time even looking at those pictures :) Just tell me, how long did it take to clean everything up?

Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...

BTW, I just wanted to let you know that link to Laura's page on the side of your site does not work. It takes you to some weird page.

Blu and Darbi said...

Ok, how cute is Davis's shirt that says "I got my good looks from my dad!!" :)

Welcome to Jen said...

Your kids are beautiful! I bet they run you ragged.



Anonymous said...

That is the cutest Santa I have ever seen! Not to mention the kids, who just happen to be my grand kids!
~ Jan

Andrea said...


Your kids are adorable. Your dad makes a great Santa. He could get a second job during the holidays :)

Merry Christmas!!

amber said...

Wow... That is a GREAT Santa suit! Sure beats the Mall experience!

I LOVED the pics and stories -- thanks for sharing!

We are going to attempt to make cookies this afternoon... we'll see how it goes!