Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Our Jumping Beans

This is Gracie's new trick: jumping! It cracks us up. Davis is 8 months older and is a full on jumping bean. The boy can JUMP and jump high and fast all day long. He would hop everywhere if we let him. The funny thing is that they think they are pretty much twins, so Gracie "hops' alongside him. I feeel bad that we are laughing at her a little, but watch this! I only wish Davis would have done his awesome jumping for the camera!


Laura said...

don't make fun of her, it's not her fault white girls can't jump:)

Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...

I tried to watch but the screen says "this video is no longer available". What the?

S and K said...

LOVED IT! Okay, G and M need to get together.
She is soooo cute!

Love ya,

Missy said...

such cutie pies!

amber said...

Sooooo funny! Jo (of course)loved watching it and wanted to watch it over and over... ;0)

Thanks for sharing some live action -- all your kids are incredibly adorable. Like little Gap models... :)


steffany said...

Your girl has moves:)

annNEE said...

so cute!!! Since we've been at the Nee's, Clover's been out on the trampoline everyday and it's trained her well. She can finally actually get her feet OFF of the ground when she jumps!!! I DO want to see a video of the 2 twins jumping next to each other!