Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Today is my Granny's 70th Birthday! She is AWESOME!! As you can see, my kiddos adore her (please do NOT take note of Gracie's dirty face--Nana gave her a cookie-- or Davis--who you can't see b/c of . . well, we haven't figured out how to photograph him yet!)

I want to write more. . so I'll add to this later. . but, I just wanted to add this as a "shout out" to my Granny who loves Jesus passionately, serves her family with fervor and has always been "super cool" to all of her grandkids! I love you, Granny!


Tama said...

I can't see the picture! But Happy Birthday Granny!
In Him, Tama
PS Thanks for calling me on the road. We are stable and back to homeschooling (in the camper). Tomorrows appointment was rescheduled for next week. Check out today's blog entry. Could have waited a week to come but God has a purpose! Call me tomorrow.

jena said...

Oh, that was so very cute!!!