Friday, April 4, 2008

Final Vacation thoughts. . .We had a great time! Since my mom just got a MacBook (which takes short videos) and I just got a Flip Video. . .our vacation this time was very much chronicled in short videos more than photos! This is a first for us!

These first pics are of Greg and the kiddos on the back porch. This place has a huge porch and the kids spent most of their time back there playing ball. . most of the time with TeTe (my sister) and Uncle David.

As you can see. . we were with Nana and Grandad who do at least 5 snacks a day! Most of the desserts of some sort!

My other favorite thing about vacation is our family, snuggle time. Every morning, of course, our kids would get up before the rest of the house. . so, we just brought them into bed with us for some family, snuggle time. . .These times are just precious! My favorite is when Davis tackles the other kids for hugs and the disrupt into giggling fits! I didn't capture lots of cute ones (except for him snuggling with Gracie above). . .so, you'll just have to take my word for it!

On to Videos. . .last night, Greg came home from the store with the new Alvin and the Chipmunks Movie and CD. . .so, DANCE PARTY TIME! I've been meaning to get Davis' moves on video for a while now. . unfortunately, once Gracie realized she was on video, she stopped dancing. . her signature move? Fingers pointed, circling around and shaking her booty! Too Funny. . .I uploaded 2 different ones b/c we got different moves on both!

This last video is our "Mountain Adventure" as the kids called it. . .basically, a walk in the woods looking for "amils" (animals) for the kiddos. . .They had SOOOO much fun with Nana and Grandad all week. They LOVE to play, snuggle and goof off with them!! Thanks, Mom and Dad for a wonderful week that we'll always remember. . .and now, with so much video, they kids will think they remember it too!


the albertsons said...

CUTE! I gotta get that chimpunks dance party... AWESOME!
becca :)

julie said...

so fun. you can definitely tell which dancer is from liberia! ha ha but they sure can dance, can't they?! thanks for the videos. your kids are adorable. (i almost typed adoptable, you can tell where my mind floats off too.) it is good to be back reading your blog again.

Anonymous said...

What fun pictures, video, and vacation!! Glad you all had such a great time and that you got to document it so well! We miss you so look forward to seeing you all this weekend! Love, Christie

Jamie said...

Your vacation looks amazing. What a blessing to visit with 'internet' friends (good thing they weren't freaky old men) and to have a nice visit with family. I hadn't stopped by in awhile so I had much to catch up on! I love your Easter pics too.

Jocelyn said...

glad you are home, now call me!

though I do love greg's text messages!