Monday, June 9, 2008

Another Picture Post. . .

Can you tell we are LOVING summer around here! I'm also trying to be a better mom. . I wrote a while ago (can't find the post now!) about God really calling me to spend time playing WITH my kids, not just providing them opportunities to play. Well, potty training makes this a necessity! When you have to ask a child every 15 minutes if they have to "go" and watch their face constantly for that tell-tale look, you have to be pretty present!

These pictures are just a sampling from our Saturday night with Barry, Shannon and the kids! I've told you about them before. . this is my aunt, uncle and the coolest cousins ever. Shannon called me last week and said, "well, it's been too long since I've seen your kids and I need a fix! Name the time and place and we HAVE to get together." I named a couple b/c her kids would kill her if we chose a time when one of them wasn't present! Yes, her 17, 15, 13 and 10 year olds LOVE family time. . they are the coolest teenagers and they love my kids something amazing. I am reduced to tears just thinking about what a blessing their family is to mine. They always have been too! When my sisters and I were little, Barry and Shannon were an awesome aunt and uncle and always made time to spend with us. We always felt cherished and it is so fun to pass that on to their kids and see them act that same way to ours. I cannot describe what a blessing it is. .every member of this family is truly thrilled to see us when we arrive! How fun is that?! Allie even asked her mom for an Africa necklace just like mine. She LOVES all things Africa now! In fact, she keeps begging Shannon to go on a trip with us! (hopefully sometime next year!). . .

This is Justin aka JJ (Brayden says they are best friends!)
Allie and Davis
Uncle Barry with Davis and Brayden.
Davis, posing for pics. .oh so proud of his new swimming ability!
This was their new foray into DIVING! Oh how fun! They absolutely had a blast. .
Allie Cat (my nickname for her. . but, she goes by Nikki too or just Allie!) with Gracie who wouldn't do ANYTHING without Allie (said with a major roll of the Ls)
Davis thought he was something else with his new diving ability. . more like a belly flop though!
What a fun night! I can't wait to see them again!

PS: I do have lots of deep thoughts to blog too. . .we have the most wonderful discussion on Fields of the Fatherless on Friday and on Simplicity and Submission (from Celebration of Discipline) on Sunday night. . however, I had dental work today AGAIN and am now AGAIN loopy! Yep, 2 more crowns. . I now have a very expensive mouth and a real opportunity to watch for God to provide b/c I actually cried while signing the cc receipt today!


Melissa said...

Great pics, looks like you all had a blast! That Davis has a gorgeous smile :)

UGH! to the dental work. Why does it have to cost so much?!

Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...

I love the pictures of the kids swimming. Is it Summer in Florida or what?!!

Misi said...

looks like a great time was had by all! good for you to listening to His voice about your kids!
And: sorry your in pain, dental work blows!!!

Sunday said...

Good Morning my Sweet Friend! Love these pics of the kids. Bray is such a handsome dude. Thanks for having us over yesterday the kids had a BLAST! How did the lemonade stand go?

Sawyer's Mom said...

We so wish we had a pool!

You and my husband have something in common. He has had enough $$ spent on his mouth to afford his parents a BMW or something.

Missy said...

Levi thinks the pictures of Davis are of him. We've been doing a lot of the same at our neighborhood pool (when we aren't packing and cleaning).