Monday, May 4, 2009

Changing Faces

150 million orphans worldwide
22 million adults and children with hiv/AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa
1,000,000 in Uganda alone 

Staggering, isn't it?  Hard to fathom and really wrap my mind around this large of a number.  

Until I see a face.  May I ask you to substitute a face and a name with those overwhelming statistics?  Maybe this way, we may start to care. . .to stop, to pray. . .to do something

This is Rose.  Both of her parents died of AIDS.  She is now living at Pastor John's orphanage (a possible sponsorship site!).  She is not only an AIDS orphan, but an innocent child living with this disease that may kill her.  Look into her eyes. . .replace her face with the nameless/faceless statistic

This is Joshua.  He is 18 months old and living temporarily at Amicet, a ministry that helps children get healthy and on ARVs (Anti-Retro-Viral Meds) and then places them back home with much support.  Look at his eyes. . .let them change the way you think of the AIDS pandemic, they sure changed me.


Amy said...

you are so beautiful Brandi, both inside and out. what precious children you are loving on.

Laura said...

You can bring Rose home for me!

Jackie Sue said...

precious children of God

Beautiful Mess said...

Thank you for the faces!

Missy said...

yes, yes, yes..and thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hey Brandi! You sure have been in my thoughts and prayers! I can't believe your time is coming to an end! I have to tell you what I just saw. On the Today Show this morning they highlighted the women in Uganda making the beuatiful bead necklaces!! They are having "bead parties" here to help show support for the women In Uganda! I thought that was cool! :) Well, I can't wait to see you and here all about your trip first hand! Love ya, Christie

Brittani said...

what sweet little Babies to pray for :)